Advanced group courses Sprachkosmos offers one night a week courses that meet your exact level. For us concentrated, goal-oriented work is just as important as a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. For this reason our groups never consist of more than eight individuals.

Exam preparation course B1 (telc)

We make you fit for the telc exam B1!
In this course you will learn which knowledge and which strategies are necessary to pass the B1 exam. We train all four skills with a special focus on "writing" and "speaking".

If required, we will also support you in choosing the appropriate test date and the examination centre.

The course comprises 9 dates with 4 teaching units each and a short break (1 teaching unit = 45 min).

Price: 280 Euro

Course start: autumn 2020

Registration under:  or 0160 4241032

Fokus Grammar

Do you have stable basic knowledge of the German language? Can you make small talk with your German neighbours and communicate with your colleagues? Have you learned your German "on the street"? Or did you always think: "I want to speak! I don't need grammar"? Maybe you want to study at a university soon, maybe you want to take an exam soon, maybe you just want to improve your German ... maybe you have just noticed:
"Grammar is useful after all!

In this grammar course we learn and train grammatical concepts and terms (such as: "casus system", "adjective declination", "connectors", "perfect", "relative clauses" and many other beautiful things).

The course consists of 6 dates with 3 teaching units each and a short break (1 teaching unit = 45 min.).
The teaching languages are German and English.

Price: 140 Euro

Course start: Spring 2020

Registration under:  or 0160 4241032