Individual courses

Individual courses are designed and planned out together with you, so that they perfectly suit your needs!

Private German lesson

Would you like a course with scheduling and content optimally tailored to your needs?

We can design an individualized program just for you!

Price: 40 Euros per lesson (45 minutes) + a one-time registration fee of 12 Euros

In the case of subject-specific language courses or preparatory courses for the C2 language exam, the price per lesson is 42 Euros.

If you live in Alt-Lindenau or Leutzsch (postal code 04177 or 04179) it is also possible for lessons to take place at your home. In this case the price is reduced to 38 or 40 Euros, respectively, per lesson.

German 2+1

Are there two of you looking for a course with content optimally suited to your needs?

We’re happy to design a personal program just for the two of you!

Price: 20 Euros per person per lesson (45 minutes) + a one-time registration fee of 12 Euros per person.

Presentation training

The pulse goes up, the heart beats faster, eyes full of expectations… all on you! There are people who love to talk in front of an audience – but are you not one of them?

A pleasant work atmosphere, straightforwardness, open space for discussion and simple, useful tips on rhetoric. These are the components of our presentation training. Together we work in small groups to get you to a place where you can perform with confidence.

Depending on interest the training can be conducted with video feedback. This offer is for everybody, even native speakers!

Price for group training: 20 Euros for 60 minutes.

No registration fee.